How past attendees have described Sheila’s style

Sheila O'Malley | Practical Parenting‘Hugely positive response from all attendees’,  ‘No judgement or preaching just great advice from someone who’s been through it all’,  ‘ Rank workshop 10 out of 10’,  ‘Extremely engaging presentation’,  ‘Record numbers attended’,  ‘Breath of fresh air’,  ‘Something for everyone’,  ‘Very inspiring speaker’,  ‘Able to relate with audience and engage’,  ‘Most of all down to earth’,  ‘Everyone can practically apply to their own situation’,  ‘Understanding’,  ‘Uses actual experiences from audience’,   ‘Made everyone relax’,  ‘Questions are welcome’,  ‘Lets the session take its own shape with her guidance’,  ‘Approachable’,  ‘Warm’,  ‘Practical real life solutions to broad range of issues’,  ‘Excellent facilitator’,  ‘Professional’,  ‘She is a natural and humorous presenter with a passion for her chosen field’.”

What’s special about Sheila’s Parenting services?

Practical Parenting was set up by Sheila O’Malley in response to parents’ need for training and support. She shares her own experience and invites people to share theirs in a safe non judgmental environment. Sheila understands many of the challenges we face at home and the difference a little help and support can make.

“No judgement, no preaching, just great advice from someone who’s been through it all”

Parenting Programs

In the current climate, people both at home and at work are experiencing more pressure and often more stress than ever. Sheila’s approach enables people to hear something new that really makes a difference, “everyone relates to what Sheila says and can practically apply it to their own situation”; as well as feel supported “thank God I’m not the only one”. Her  material and the experiential way it is delivered strikes a chord with everyone enabling them to talk, listen, find their own answers and create positive change.

Feedback from Abbott Ireland on Happy Me, Happy Home / Life

“Sheila O Malley of Practical Parenting came to speak at our Tots to Teens Event in Abbott on “Happy Me, Happy Home Life”. This talk was so far reaching that it struck a chord with parents with kids of all ages, and even employees without kids!!! Sheila spoke about how to get “you” in a happy place, and how then this will positively affect all relationships in your life. Sheila was engaging, humorous and most of all down to earth, feedback from attendees was that they could understand and relate to Sheila easily, that she made everyone relax and harvested an engaging atmosphere where questions and clarification was welcomed. We are definitely thinking of having Shelia back again to speak!”

Some comments:

• “Best hour I’ve spent all week!”

• “Super Nanny is out, Super Sheila is in!”

• “I went straight home to try out some of Sheila’s techniques!….and they worked!”

• “I think Sheila’s talk not only applied to parenting but me and all my relationships”

Qualifications and Training

Sheila is a fully qualified Parent & Relationships Mentor and holds a Higher Diploma in Relationship Mentoring/ Parent Mentoring & Communication. She  trained directly with Dr Tony Humphreys over four years. Sheila works as part of a team of Associates who engage in ongoing supervision to ensure the highest standards are maintained..

“When I understood that my teenager’s behaviour was about how he felt I responded differently. I saw that when he felt understood he didn’t need to act out. Then everything was resolved through negotiation and mutual respect.”

Parent of teenager after one to one parent support

Regular contributor to national media – TV, radio, print and digital

Sheila is a regular contributor to radio and TV. In addition, she is a former parenting correspondent for Independent Newspapers. She is a well regarded parenting facilitator and speaker. She is renowned for her practical, empathetic, professional and balanced approach.

Full Range Parenting Services offered by Sheila

“Sheila has helped me become more competent and confident in my parenting.  Participating on the course was a hugely positive experience – I came away full of positivity and plans to put into action, that have since proven very effective in yielding the results I wanted.  Even my son has noticed I’m a nicer mummy – we negotiate instead of argue now!  I also brought home really comprehensive and helpful notes, so I can do a top-up on parenting skills as required.  I have noticed dramatic improvements in our household by implementing relatively minor changes – the 8 minutes a day child led one on one time pays real dividends!”

 – Margaret