Parents need to practice Self Care to reduce parental stress 

Stress comes from a lack of self care

Take care of yourself physically as otherwise you may get stressed and overloaded. Ask yourself ‘Am I minding myself?’ and if you are not; make some small changes.

 Physical Self Care

  1. meditation-hand-leavesDo you push yourself hard? Slow down and let it go..
  • Find a half hour to walk/run/exercise makes the rest of the day more manageable.
  • Say No as when you say ‘Yes’ to someone; you say ‘No’ to yourself and put yourself under pressure.
  • When you are ‘losing it; step back and deep breathe to calmness
  • Ask for help and accept the help or support that is offered.
  • Get 7/8 hours sleep at night
  • Be moderate in food and alcohol


  • 2. Take time for a hobby, an interest or simply time to relax.

Everyone has something they enjoy; but do you take time for yourself? It may be Cooking, gardening, music, art, sport, etc. Maybe with young children a hobby has been forgotten; so taking an hour in the week that is just for you can be a start. Perhaps a class you join with a friend so you enjoy the class, the company and getting out of the house! You will be a better mom if you take a little time and space for yourself.

Ease Up on yourself and others

3. Reduce your expectations

Ease up on yourself! So many of us are hard on ourselves and our inner critic works overtime! Stop criticising yourself, and instead say “I handled that well” or “I did my best”. Accept yourself exactly as you are – when you do; you will ease up on everyone else as well!

Treat yourself better! Practice kindness, patience and compassion

4. Be Kinder to yourself

Simply this means throughout the day; be aware of your needs and find a way to meet them.

  • Set a date night with your partner
  • Arrange to meet a friend or someone who is a ‘spark’ person in your life
  • Every day; take a few minutes of time and space for you to do something you enjoy whether it is listening to music, a short relaxation/meditation or a soak in a candlelit bath. Often, the time can be got through less screen time, so disconnect!

Meeting your needs ensures you can meet everyone else’s needs!

When parents take care of themselves, they are calmer and more patient with their children. Parent’s set the tone; so ask you ‘what tone do I set?’ If you are shouting; you may be shouting for help. Therefore; support yourself through doing less, asking others to do more and self-awareness around you needs; then find a  way to meet them.. For everyone’s sake as well as your own!