Offering 1-to-1 Parent Coach  Tel: 086 8759086 to book a session

1-to-1 Parent Coach is a valuable service where an individual or couple can deal with Parenting issues at a time and a date to suit you. You come with your questions and leave with an understanding of your child’s behavior & better responses in any parenting challenge you face. We come into our parenting with no training for what is the hardest job we will ever do. I am available to assist and support you in any parenting challenge you face. The fee for one hour is €100.

“We had been experiencing behavioural difficulties with our daughter over two years and  Sheila was recommended . We found the 1-to-1  worked really well for us. Sheila was great at listening, asking questions, suggesting reasons for the behaviour & recommending responses. Over a number of sessions, things changed for the better. She gave us invaluable tools and information which made all the difference. Through Sheila’s guidance, our daughter is now a very contented girl, whose behaviour has changed beyond recognition. This has positively affected the well-being of all the family.  Thanks to Sheila, peace & normality has been restored & our relationship with our child is now a very happy one”   David & Dee

Why might someone need 1-to-1 Parent Coaching?

Parents seek 1-to-1 support for a variety of reasons, mostly to get support around their parenting skills. This service is tailor made to address your particular concerns in a private and confidential environment either at my office (South Co Dublin) or by phone /skype at a prearranged time. Daytime / evening or weekend appointments are possible to facilitate one or both parents.

Do you cater for specific age groups?

Yes. 1-to-1 Parenting Support assists and supports you in your parenting issues and the challenges you face. In a session, I focus on responding to whatever issue(s) you choose to address whether this relates to your toddler, child or teenager.  In my experience, parents often meet with different issues at different stages. Whether this is a toddler tantrum or a challenging teenager the core principles of this programme remain the same. When we recognise the feelings that underpin challenging behaviour and communicate more effectively we improve our interaction and everything changes for the better. ‘When we acted differently, the child acted differently too’

What does a Parent Coach do?

Parent Coaching supports and encourages parents with an understanding of what their child/teen may be feeling. Together with the parent we look at a different interaction which achieves a different result. Feedback is that suggestions are  practical offering tips and skills that really make a difference in our parenting. Getting to the feelings that underlie the behavior is critical and when we know how the child feels, we respond in a way that works better. We find better ways of dealing with behaviour and this helps to create a calmer and happier home.

Sessions are usually for one hour’s duration and times/days can be arranged to suit you.