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Temper Tantrums

Struggling with Temper Tantrums? Toddler Tantrums A client came back recently to advise that my advice worked on his toddlers temper tantrums which had been challenging to handle. When I asked what in particular had worked, this is what he said: Catch it earlier - before it builds up Distract the toddler Redirect the toddler's [...]

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Toddler Tantrums and Sibling Rivalry

When your toddler is thrashing the younger sibling.. Toddler Taming A two year old does not need punishment, they need more 1:1 time & understanding towards how they feel. Also, using time out or sending them to their room only increases their negativity towards the younger sibling, whom they now resent even more. Tell them [...]

Understanding the emotional world of your preschooler

Are you struggling with their anger or tantrums? Make new choices and actions As I write this blog, I have to put my hand up and say that I did not do much of what I am now advocating when my children were this age. I regret it but with a new awareness now I [...]

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TIME OUT not working? Try this

Just imagine you were two or three years of age and you were put out to sit on the Naughty Step by a very agitated parent , how would you feel? When I ask parents this the responses are "Sad, upset, distressed, confused, alone, angry". TIME OUT not working? Is there a better way? I [...]

Sibling Rivalry – Tips to Reduce

Ensure each child feels loved and 'seen' and sibling rivalry will reduce. The reality is that the more time you spend with your child, the less they will demand it through negative behaviour towards a sibling or towards you. The negative behaviour is a cry for help. Therefore, your response needs to be kind and compassionate. [...]

How to deal with: Temper Tantrums:

Tantrums can be difficult for any parent, so here are practical tips and skills to deal more effectively with your toddler tantrums Tantrums are either a need to: Express frustration due to limited language skills or A need to get attention (even negative attention) Most of us respond angrily and child feel acknowledged and the [...]

Manage Conflict Better

Bad behaviour Deal with it differently this week. This behaviour can be tantrums, aggression, uncooperative etc. See that the child is trying to tell you how difficult life is for him. What lies hidden needs to be revealed. You’ll be surprised to find that when you are different, the child is different.   What you [...]

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