Starting Secondary School

Many children will be entering Secondary School after the summer and entering the teens years can bring a new set of challenges […]

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4 Tips for the Challenging Child or Teen

Parents consistently say “that worked!” […]

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8 Tips for Raising Teens

Parenting teenagers is not easy, Here are the parenting skills you need to help guide your teen to become a responsible adolescent. 1. Reducing Conflict with Teens There are so many situations where we can end up in conflict with our teens on a daily basis. What else could we do that may help the situation. [...]

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5 tips to a happy family

We all want to be a happier parent and to enjoy happier children. 1. Ease up Easing up on yourself and others makes a huge difference in taking the pressure off. When we slow down and let some of the less important things go, we put the focus on the relationship rather than on behaviours. [...]

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Teens and Alcohol

What can a parent do? The strength of your relationship is ultimately the best control you have over your teen As the parent of teenage girls I am aware of the dangers of teenage drinking. However, as I journey through the minefield that is parenting teens, I am more and more convinced that the strength [...]

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Developing Responsibility in your Child or Teen

Our children need to know we make mistakes, we're not perfect Positive Parenting I am not always right so last night I made a mistake, I did not see it at the time but later on, one of my teenagers pointed it out to me. We hate to be wrong, but she was right. Children's [...]

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Parents and Teenagers

What is my top parenting tip for today? Positive Parenting in Challenging Times Relationship is No 1, everything else is secondary, its the only control you have over your teen as you can't force them to do anything. Therefore, put the focus on the relationship by being involved and engaged with them on a daily [...]

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Parenting your Child or Teenager

The child/teen labelled 'wonderful' following high achievement often develops Performance Anxiety, Perfectionism or addiction to success. Self Esteem and your Child or Teen Their self worth is dependent on their performance, not on feeling loved for their person. Over attention to a behavior that gained them recognition, not only breeds massive insecurity, it narrows field [...]

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Teen Discos

Teen Discos I remember the excitement of going to my first few teen discos with friends, the endless conversations with the girls, looking forward to the night, and planning what to wear was a big part of it Teenagers will make a mistake and learn from it As teens we made mistakes, as our teens [...]

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Positive Parenting with your Teenager

Parenting Teens is not easy but there are things you can do that make a difference. How to reduce conflict in your home There are so many situations where we can end up in conflict with our teens on a daily basis. What else could we do that may help the situation. If what you [...]