8 Things Children Need When Newly Separated

Separation is a huge time of adjustment for parents and children. Explain to your Child Before the parent leaves, the child or teen needs an explanation. Not knowing is very difficult for a child, as I know from personal experience. My father’s suicide was not explained to me and unconsciously I knew my mother did [...]

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5 ways to helping children through family breakdown

Children need support at this time; but so do you! Breakup need not mean family breakdown We need remember that marital breakup need not necessarily lead to family breakdown and aim to minimize the impact on the children. Children who are prepared in advance of the separation take the stress of parents separating more easily. [...]

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Separation & your Child’s feelings


Helping children through breakdown – Tom Cruise, Katie and Suri

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are in the headlines this week as Katie has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. Breakup need not mean family breakdown It appears Katie Holmes was becoming increasingly concerned about the effect the Scientology organisation might have on her child. We need remember that marital breakup need not necessarily lead [...]

How do we get our child to accept that we are separated?

Separation can be painful for everyone in the family and parents want to do the right thing Interesting article from David Coleman in the Independent