Positive Parenting

Are you ‘losing it’ with your children?

What to do when you are about to ‘lose it’ and start shouting
How to Stay Calm and create a calmer house
My experience: If you want to go from being Reactive (raise your voice, shout, lose it etc) to Calm, do this!
Breathe to self Calm
Throughout the day, particularly when you’re about to go from 0-10, Stop, […]

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Trouble with TIME OUT or The Naughty Step?

No more Time Out!
Is there an alternative to Time Out?
Every time I run a course, the issue of Time Out comes up. I find that for many parents  Time Out does not work – and I ask them to imagine that they are 3 or 4 years old, and how would they feel if Mom […]

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Giving your child good Self Esteem

The greatest gift you can offer your child?
Self Esteem
To accept them. Just the way the are. Timid or shy, showing them that you miss them when they’re gone and you notice them when they are present.
Self Esteem gives them resilience for life
Then you build in a belief of ‘I am good enough’ I do measure […]

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Developing Responsibility in your Child or Teen

Our children need to know we make mistakes, we’re not perfect
Positive Parenting
I am not always right so last night I made a mistake, I did not see it at the time but later on, one of my teenagers pointed it out to me. We hate to be wrong, but she was right.
Children’s difficult behaviors & […]

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Positive Parenting – Reward Charts

We know positive parenting works – here’s the feedback:
A Parent’s feedback to using a reward chart
“I drew up a really simple Reward Chart for my children and they decorated it. Armed with supermarket stickers I asked my 5 year old did he want to use the chart. ….Immediately, his eyes lit up so sticky tape […]

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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry is one of the most common issues parents have yet many do not see what is really happening
Children fighting – help them get along
If all behaviour has a reason, get into the mind of your children to see how they are feeling and what they are thinking. Children also ‘spill the beans’ and […]

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Children’s Behaviour & Discipline

All behaviour has a reason, so when you experience poor behaviour see it as a cry for help
Positive Parenting
Ask yourself: How is she feeling? What is she thinking? Difficult behaviour is prompted by a feeling and therefore when you understand how your child feel/thinks; you deal with it better and the behaviour disappears. Behaviour is […]

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Book a New Year Parenting Course Day

Did you find your children stressful over the holidays? Book my  One Day Course this Saturday January 4th! Reduce sibling rivalry, difficult behaviour and enjoy happier children and a calmer home
Parenting Tip for 2014
Take your focus off the difficult behaviour and put your focus on developing a good relationship, through catching your child/teen being good […]

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Back to School

Take care of yourself by being more organised
Parenting Tips for Back to School
Mornings begin the night before.

Uniform, shoes, sports equipment, tie ready .

Lunch set up or pre prepared.

Table set the night before.

Go to bed earlier & get up half an hour earlier for a calmer/happier home.
Positive Parenting
Lavish stars on children for what they have done […]

Your Child’s Self Esteem

High self esteem is the key to your child’s future so what can you do?

A child’s self esteem is determined by how lovable and how capable they feel.  However, many parenting styles are either overly controlling or over protective. What has been my own experience?
Controlling Parenting style
I’ve been over controlling as a parent – result? […]

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