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5 tips to a happy family

We all want to be a happier parent and to enjoy happier children.
1. Ease up
Easing up on yourself and others makes a huge difference in taking the pressure off. When we slow down and let some of the less important things go, we put the focus on the relationship rather than on behaviours. The stronger […]

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Disciplining children

What mistake do parents make around discipline?
Handling a child who is challenging, disruptive and acting up
I meet parents on a 1:1 and every week, parents come to me about a child they are struggling with. They say he is disruptive, challenging and he acts up. They also usually say ‘he gets so much attention!’. They […]

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Positive Parenting

Do you ever make a mistake?
Teaching Responsibility
I am not always right so last night I made a mistake, I did not see it until one of my teenagers pointed it out to me. We hate to be wrong, but she was right. I thought about it and saw it. I went into my other daughter […]

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Self Esteem – how to have a responsible child

Every parent wants their child to be responsible – so what do we need to do?
Responsible Children
Children become very responsible when given responsibility! My daughter was shown how to make her own lunch and has been doing that from the age of seven. All children can settle their own fights – albeit with a helping […]

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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry is one of the most common issues parents have yet many do not see what is really happening
Children fighting – help them get along
If all behaviour has a reason, get into the mind of your children to see how they are feeling and what they are thinking. Children also ‘spill the beans’ and […]

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Children’s Behaviour & Discipline

All behaviour has a reason, so when you experience poor behaviour see it as a cry for help
Positive Parenting
Ask yourself: How is she feeling? What is she thinking? Difficult behaviour is prompted by a feeling and therefore when you understand how your child feel/thinks; you deal with it better and the behaviour disappears. Behaviour is […]

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Back to School

Take care of yourself by being more organised
Parenting Tips for Back to School
Mornings begin the night before.

Uniform, shoes, sports equipment, tie ready .

Lunch set up or pre prepared.

Table set the night before.

Go to bed earlier & get up half an hour earlier for a calmer/happier home.
Positive Parenting
Lavish stars on children for what they have done […]

Challenging behaviour

Focus on relationship, and take your focus off the behaviour.

Helping children get along

How to deal with conflict better
Calm is essential in managing conflict
Remain calm and approach calmly, remembering that your tone and your behaviour sets the tone. Therefore, be the change you want to see and if you want your child to calm down, then ask yourself, ‘how calm am I?’ Be a good role model, by […]

Less Stress Parenting

Parents are under more stress than even before – so what can you do?
Can you identify with any of this?

Not balanced Work/Home Life
Partners/children getting ‘leftovers’
Poor self-care (delays calling dentist/doctor)
Poor Boundaries around self
Always available/’on’
Takes too much responsibility on
Difficulty in saying No
Always in ‘Doing’ mode, little ‘Being’ mode

Stress is a friend – alerting you to the need […]

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