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Some tips on bullying every parent needs to know What is bullying? Bullying is defined as unwanted negative behaviour whether verbal, physical or psychological directed by an individual or a group against another person and which is repeated over time. This behaviour can be name calling, exclusion, isolation or intimidation or cyber bullying.  The effect [...]

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Cyber Bullying Safety

Advice for Parents to keep under 13's safe online: Monitor Cyber Bullying on Facebook • Under 13’s off Facebook, (minimum age) • Know their passwords/ Pin numbers & monitor • Be upfront/tell them, ‘I will be checking' • Do not be afraid to say no, to set limits & boundaries Cyber Bullying Safety • For younger [...]

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Feelings – the key to understanding behaviour

If a child feels right; they will behave right, so getting in touch with how your child feels and giving them a sense of being understood and listened to will result in much less conflict. Poor feelings come from not feeling loved/understood The more attention you give; the less they demand; and yet a child [...]

Alcohol – ‘young people should avoid until 24’

Sobering facts about parents relationship with alcohol and it's effect on their teenagers  

Let your toddler explore – that is how they learn

Young children need to move around and explore to learn, interesting article about the importance of letting them!

Keeping kids safe

Recent news events have focused on young girls being out late with older teenage males and the tragic consequences that can occur. Physically, girls are maturing earlier and often look much older than their actual age.