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How to manage exam stress for parents

Focus on the relationship, not the study and as you deepen your relationship with your teenager, it becomes safe for them to share their worries and concerns. Why your child may be having difficulties studying If there is an unwillingness to study, remember relationship is still the most important thing as what may lie behind [...]

Exam Stress

We read more and more about exam stress and wonder what we can do to help our students with the pressures many are experiencing while facing exams. The students’ response to the stress may be lack of concentration, inability to sleep or oversleeping, or they may develop an eating disorder. Source of Stress Exams are [...]

Interesting Parenting Articles in the media this week

Here is a line up of the interesting Parenting articles I have found in the Media this week: Need some family/parenting support? Practical Parenting can help or listing of Family Therapists in the Irish Times:http://alturl.com/ik6p4 After Separation - making contact with Dad: Interesting article in todays Health Supplement in the Irish Times: http://alturl.com/vvxkt Trying to get [...]