Wellness Program: How to enjoy more wellbeing

Wellbeing Happiness is being in touch with what is happening within yourself and others. You can only flourish when you have a good relationship with yourself. Here are some tips to improve how you relate to yourself and others as the more we know ourselves and the more  self aware we become the better we respond [...]

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Wellbeing – Building Resilience

How good are you at taking care of yourself? If you look after yourself, you are more resilient and effective. Look after yourself, then you are better equipped to look after everything else. Easy Solutions for busy People The No 1 Stress Reliever is Exercise: 30 minutes a day five times a week is recommended. In [...]

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Exam Stress

We read more and more about exam stress and wonder what we can do to help our students with the pressures many are experiencing while facing exams. The students’ response to the stress may be lack of concentration, inability to sleep or oversleeping, or they may develop an eating disorder. Source of Stress Exams are [...]

Work Life Balance – how to cope better!

A little stress is good for you, too much is detrimental to your physical and mental well being. Yet, today many of us feel we are under pressure both at home and in work. Stress is to alert you to what it is you need to do to achieve more balance in your life. Here [...]

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Minding Self

In working with couples and individuals, I find they are experiencing a lot of stress in the current times. In order to build resilience, there are things we can do that will make a difference. Here are some ideas that I hope will help: Identify the people who pull you down and make you feel [...]

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TIME OUT not working? Try this

Just imagine you were two or three years of age and you were put out to sit on the Naughty Step by a very agitated parent , how would you feel? When I ask parents this the responses are "Sad, upset, distressed, confused, alone, angry". TIME OUT not working? Is there a better way? I [...]

Sibling Rivalry

"You love her more than me! Everything was fine till she came along, now everyone hates me!" Sibling Rivarly: Child feel insecure about being loved Imagine your husband comes home tonight with a tall Swedish blond and says: "You know I love you so much; I decided to get another wife just like you! But [...]

Good Parenting is about how I relate to self & others

Observe my responses and if they are defensive - it's an offortunity to explore and an invitation to change Positive Parenting Relationship with self is key to effective parenting. If how I relate to myself is poor, then it is likely that my parenting is going to reflect that. If I am self critical, then [...]

How to deal with: Temper Tantrums:

Tantrums can be difficult for any parent, so here are practical tips and skills to deal more effectively with your toddler tantrums Tantrums are either a need to: Express frustration due to limited language skills or A need to get attention (even negative attention) Most of us respond angrily and child feel acknowledged and the [...]

Some Discipline Tips

All Discipline begins with the Parent What? Yes, the more undisciplined I am in my self; the more discipline issues I have with my children How am I  undisciplined? By pushing yourself too hard.. Examples: Not taking Time Out, poor Physical  care of self,results in 'losing it' with the children, shout, Rant & Rave; getting up [...]