Developing a stronger sense of self is crucial for a Parent

Let’s look at increasing your Self Esteem. The more you raise your own self esteem, the more you will raise your child’s.

Why is Self Esteem important? It affects:

Friends you choose (as you choose ones with similar self esteem to you)
The kind of person you will settle down with
How you get on with others
How effective you […]

Homework/Study Struggles? No more!

If you have Homework struggles with your child, this article has some practical tips and skills to help

Love must always be present before learning can happen
We cannot attend at a ‘head’/intellectual) level, if things are not right at a heart level (emotionally- a childs first need is to be loved for themselves).To be unconditionally loved; […]

Top 10 Parenting Tips to survive the Summer Holidays!

The holidays have begun for many this weekend and what can we do to ensure it’s a happy time within the family?

Here are my 10 ten parenting tips:

Decide to do what you need to do to be in a ‘good place’ to parent well and do it.This usually means being in touch with your needs […]

Positive Relationships in the Family

The first of 5 Superb short dvd’s on how to build Positive Relationships in the family – and guess what: It starts with you!


Top 10 Tips for Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

A different kind of parenting that teaches responsibility, builds self-esteem and ensures they feel loved. The following ten tips will help you use methods that have been proven to provide children with a sense of well-being and security.

1 – 1 on 1 time

Your child’s self-esteem is greatly influenced by the quality of time you […]

Parents advice

Some tips from parents of what has worked for them in creating calmer homes:

Managing feelings
Parents Say:When I control myself & my mood; I can control the mood at home, theres a direct link between how I am and how everyone else is. Today, watch how you interact & tune into how you feel & […]

Self Care is No 1

You cannot take care of anyone unless you first take care of self.

The more you look after yourself; the better things are at home. When we overdo it and are stressed, we ‘lose it’ with our children. Therefore how I treat myself is mirrored in how I treat my child.

If I am hard on myself, […]

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