Managing Stress

Self Care as a Parent

Things that help you take care of you:
Self Care

Prioritize rest when tired
Allow adequate time
Be more organised
Ask for help/Buy in help/Do less & yes, you do deserve to!
Know your limits & stay within
Reward yourself for something well done
Put something in the diary thats for you each week

Emotional attunement

Listen to yourself.. & respond in the way that […]

Parenting after Separation or Divorce

 Do you feel unsupported & with no one to turn to?
Are you parenting alone?
Parenting is tough, the hardest job we ever do and it is great when we can handover to our partner when stressed or about to lose it. What can you do when you are parenting alone? Supporting yourself helps deal with the […]

Helping children through breakdown – Tom Cruise, Katie and Suri

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are in the headlines this week as Katie has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.
Breakup need not mean family breakdown
It appears Katie Holmes was becoming increasingly concerned about the effect the Scientology organisation might have on her child. We need remember that marital breakup need not necessarily lead to family […]

Proactive Parenting

I just encountered a woman at the supermarket, trying to do a large weekly shop with two toddlers, who seems to be managing well and it reminded me of the importance of being PROACTIVE in our parenting.

Steve Covey outlines this concept in his 7 Habit’s book outlines the Habit 1: Be Proactive
Be Proactive, or you […]

Exam Stress

We read more and more about exam stress and wonder what we can do to help our students with the pressures many are experiencing while facing exams. The students’ response to the stress may be lack of concentration, inability to sleep or oversleeping, or they may develop an eating disorder.
Source of Stress
Exams are stressful for […]

Managing Stress – How to cope with stress

People are experiencing more stress than ever before – what are the things we can do that will make a difference?
What causes stress?
Stress symptoms constitute one of the most obvious ways that the individual expresses threats to well being. The person creates the stress symptom in order to draw attention to what it is that […]

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