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Building your Resilience as a Parent

Parents need to mind themselves. Resilience is about looking after yourself. For many years I was not good at taking care of myself and this resulted in me running late, getting stressed, being impatient with my children and losing it from time to time. There are so many demands on us as parents, like in the [...]

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Better Evenings for Working Parents

Evenings and bedtimes are stressful for working parents nowadays. Stressed working parents With two parents arriving home to children who have missed them all day, what do children need? Here are my top 5 tips towards better evenings with your child to ensure everyone goes to bed happy. 1. Provide some 1-1 Time Ironically, if [...]

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Mother Yourself on Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is coming up so what better time to take a moment for yourself. We can’t take care of anyone till we first take care of ourselves so check out some practical tips below so you can be a better mother. Practical Tips for Busy Mums Think about how well you look after yourself on [...]

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5 Positive Parenting Tips

Why parent positively? Here's one good reason to think about: Your Child's Self Esteem An act of comparison is ultimately an act of rejection, therefore accept your child for the unique individual they are. They are a once off happening that will never reoccur and your acceptance of them, results in them accepting themselves as [...]

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Escaping the Children on Valentines Day

Some important reminders for Valentine’s Day  Valentines Day ideas For some of us in relationships for a long time, we may get a little complacent so here are some thoughts for me and maybe you! As Oprah says ‘What you put out, you get back, every single time, and the more you put out, the [...]

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7 Tips for a New Year, New You

Do you take care of yourself? If so it will be mirrored in how well you look after yourself on a daily basis Physically: How do you take care of yourself ? Moderate in food and alcohol? Have you found an exercise you enjoy? Do you push yourself too hard? Do you rush and race, drive [...]

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5 tips to a happy family

We all want to be a happier parent and to enjoy happier children. 1. Ease up Easing up on yourself and others makes a huge difference in taking the pressure off. When we slow down and let some of the less important things go, we put the focus on the relationship rather than on behaviours. [...]

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Less Stress Parenting

Parents are under more stress than even before - so what can you do? Can you identify with any of this? Not balanced Work/Home Life Partners/children getting ‘leftovers’ Poor self-care (delays calling dentist/doctor) Poor Boundaries around self Always available/'on' Takes too much responsibility on Difficulty in saying No Always in ‘Doing’ mode, little ‘Being’ mode [...]

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How to build Responsible, Competent , Capable Children

How to have a child/teen with strong self esteem and enjoy a responsible young person How to raise your child's self belief? Give them Opportunity, by never doing  for a child what they can do or learn to do for themselves. What does a child need in order to learn? Think about the first time [...]

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Self Esteem and your Child

How to have confident children? The two pillars of self esteem are: 1. How lovable do they feel (praise or correct Behaviour but always love their person). That means you will respond positively to difficult behaviour by separating the child from their behaviour: ('I love you but that behaviour is not okay, we'll talk when we're [...]

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