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How to talk so kids will listen

Do you want to improve Relationships with those you live and work with? […]

The Secrets of Stress Free Parenting


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Bringing up Boys with emotional wellbeing

Bringing up your boy- what does he need?  […]

Stress free parenting

Would you like to have more stress free parenting? Stress free parenting Week in and week out, parents come to me for help in reducing the stress in parenting. The stories are often similar: ‘He will not listen! I have to ask him ten times! Children listen when [...]

Resilient Children

10 Tools to enjoy resilient children […]

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Parenting Positively – 4 Tips

Do you want 4 tips for Parenting more Positively? […]

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Irish Times: Helicopter Parenting

Children need to be prepared for life and the challenges they will face   […]

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Overcoming challenges for working parents

I work with parents in Companies around Ireland and there is a lot of stress for working parents out there. […]