Starting Secondary School

Many children will be entering Secondary School after the summer and entering the teens years can bring a new set of challenges […]

7 tips for parenting teens

Parenting teenagers is not easy, Here are the parenting skills you need to help guide your teen to become a responsible adolescent.
1. Reducing Conflict with Teens
There are so many situations where we can end up in conflict with our teens on a daily basis. What else could we do that may […]

Easier evenings for working parents

Evenings and bedtimes are stressful for working parents nowadays.
Stressed working parents
With two parents arriving home to children who have missed them all day, what do children need? Here are my top 5 tips towards better evenings with your child to ensure everyone goes to bed happy.
1. Provide some 1-1 Time
Ironically, […]

Raising responsible children

How to help your child become responsible, confident and competent

A responsible parent however treats their child with equality and respect and encourages them to make their own decisions and to live with the consequences. For a child can become remarkably responsible when they are given responsibility. Seven year olds can […]

Stress management for parents

What causes Stress?
Awareness is key to change as when you rebuild your boundary, you feel empowered and good about yourself

We need boundaries to ensure we keep healthy and functioning whether at work or at home. Stress symptoms arise to alert us to the imbalance in our lives and needs responding […]

How to manage sibling rivalry

Imagine your husband comes home tonight with a tall Swedish blond and says: “You know I love you so much; I decided to get another wife just like you! But here’s the good news; you’re actually going to LOVE HER!” . That’s how your child feels; jealous and insecure that you love […]

Disciplining children

In working with parents, I can see that most of the time when a child is behaving badly, they feel bad in themselves. It can be that they need more time and attention from the parent, and they have found a way to get attention, through their behaviour. Another way […]

4 Tips for the Challenging Child or Teen

Parents consistently say “that worked!”