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Resilient Children

10 Tools to enjoy resilient children […]

Parenting Positively – 4 Tips

Do you want 4 tips for Parenting more Positively? […]

Irish Times: Helicopter Parenting

Children need to be prepared for life and the challenges they will face   […]

Overcoming challenges for working parents

I work with parents in Companies around Ireland and there is a lot of stress for working parents out there. […]

Basics of positive parenting

Why parent positively? Here's one good reason to think about: Your Child's Self Esteem An act of comparison is ultimately an act of rejection, therefore accept your child for the unique individual they are. They are a once off happening that will never reoccur and your acceptance of them, results [...]

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Bullying and your child

What is bullying? Bullying is defined as unwanted negative behaviour whether verbal, physical or psychological directed by an individual or a group against another person and which is repeated over time. This behaviour can be name calling, exclusion, isolation or intimidation or cyber bullying.  The effect of the child or [...]

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Blended families

Breakup need not mean family breakdown We need remember that marital breakup need not necessarily lead to family breakdown and aim to minimize the impact on the children. Children who are prepared in advance of the separation take the stress of parents separating more easily. Therefore, communicating with the child [...]

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Helping Children through marital breakdown

Helping Children through marital breakdown The Late Late show featured the difficulties separated couples face when all they have in common are their children. There is a startling rise in couples separating and issues around lone parenting. However, evidence shows that children fare better in a happy one parent family than a [...]

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