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Sheila O’Malley of Practical Parenting has been a weekly Parenting correspondent for Independent Newspapers as well as a regular contributor to various other publications. Here is a selection of some recently published parenting articles which are available for your convenience in both html and pdf format.

Is Your Child’s Behaviour Challenging You?

If what you are doing is not working, you may as well try something different. So often, parents contact me when they just do not know how to handle a child who is challenging them. They know they are in a negative spiral, giving out to the child throughout the day, and the child’s behaviour becomes even more challenging. Tips for dealing with children challenging [...]

Disciplining your Child

The act of disciplining your child is one parents often struggle with. It is important to be consistent when disciplining in order for them to understand. If your child understands the rules they are far more likely to follow them.  Parents often ask me: What is the best way to discipline my child? I meet parents on a 1:1 basis and every week, they come [...]

Separation Anxiety

How to handle Separation Anxiety  Understanding Separation Anxiety Many parents struggle with Separation Anxiety, however taking a moment to think how the child is feeling means you naturally respond in the way that they need. […]

Handling your child’s difficult behaviours

Children’s challenging behaviours always make sense Children always tell you what is wrong Your child has probably ‘spilt the beans’ about how they feel, yet how is it you did not hear?. Well, maybe listen now. What has your little boy or girl said? Parents often tell me the child has said ‘I feel less loved’. ‘She’s a favourite’ (about another sibling). When I ask [...]

A new baby in the family

Each child need to feel seen and loved by their parent  How do we deal best with the arrival of a new baby? What are the things you can do to smooth the transition for your child when a new baby comes home? I told my child about my pregnancy at the same time as I announced it publicly to ensure that they did not [...]

Meet your Toddler’s needs and they will meet yours

Connecting and Communicating with your Toddler  Tantrums are Frustration & seeking negative Attention With limited language skills and huge brain development toddlers need your help to be understood. Toddlers are listening to every word we say (even if we don’t notice it). They understand a lot more than we might think. They can be very sensitive and get grumpy or burst into tears at the [...]

Conflict & Children’s Difficult Behaviour

Positive Parenting works Positive Parenting works when the relationship is based on mutual respect, good listening and unconditional love.  Step Back from others Behaviours & you respond better From parents I work with, my experience is that the biggest problem is parental anxiety and over involvement. My advice is to Step back, relax and only get involved when absolutely necessary. Try ignore negative behaviour, as [...]

Time in not Time Out & Sibling Rivalry

Two children squabbling? Siblings without Rivalry Create a bit of breathing space Do not take sides Never ever compare Sit with them, be calm […]